In today’s insurance sector, providers are faced with daily requests for information from policy-holders, auditors and regulators. What makes retrieving these records difficult is that they can be stored in numerous formats in various locations.

Glenbeigh Records Management have implemented a streamlined records management solution in numerous insurance providers throughout Ireland. This solution centralises the records management process which ensures that records are managed consistently.

This streamlined process offers increased productivity, controlled access to records, compliance with regulations and the maximisation of office space. Records are not only secured with Glenbeigh, their value is maximised and their integrity is maintained.

With the recent shifts towards automated processes, insurance providers are now looking at how they manage electronic records. To respond to market demand for a single vendor of physical and electronic records Glenbeigh Records Management has developed a suite of digital services that are integrated into our existing records management solution. These services include advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software, and a cloud solution for backing up records online.

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