Parallel to the growth in the technology sector in Ireland is the growth in information being generated by companies operating within this sector. While many technology companies have systems in place to control electronic records they rely heavily on physical records management solutions to protect their most critical business assets.

Glenbeigh Records Management have being protecting the business critical assets of technology companies throughout Ireland for over ten years. While guaranteeing the safe storage of these records we also ensure that their integrity is maintained and value is maximised.

Our leading records management solution consists of advanced security measures such as perimeter fencing with controlled barrier access, external and internal CCTV, an intruder detection system, a fire detection system, and an internal swipe card system for controlled access. Further protection of business critical assets is achieved through our two hour fire rated vaults for document and backup tape storage.

Technology companies that implement our customisable records management solution benefit from authorised access to records, the maximisation of office space and adherence to data protection legislation. 

While many technology companies manage their own electronic records a number of these companies are now turning to Glenbeigh Records Management to manage their electronic records. Technological innovation which encompasses advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software and a cloud solution for backing up records online allow us to customise an electronic records management solution that suits clients’ individual needs. Companies that adopt our electronic records management solution as well as our physical records management solution avail of a fully integrated records management database.

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