The importance of shredding documents

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In the course of business organisations generate records containing numerous types of confidential information including business-critical information and personal information related to various stakeholders. To ensure the integrity of their business and to conform with data protection regulation there is an expectation these organisations take all reasonable steps to ensure that data privacy is protected. Having a systematic approach to records management has therefore become a necessity in order to protect information and adhere to data retention requirements.

Exploring a Scan-On-Demand solution as an alternative to Physical Retrievals

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Scan-on-Demand involves records being securely stored offsite and only securely returned in a digital format when they are needed. This solution is made possible when a records management provider offers both secure document storage and bulk document scanning at the one location.

Steps to transition from a paper-based filing system to electronic records

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Transitioning from a paper-based filing system to electronic records can yield many benefits for an organisation including reducing storage costs and records management overheads, streamlining access and control to specific information, and making it easier to share information with colleagues. A full list of benefits is outlined in our blog post Top 10 benefits of Document Scanning.

Things to consider when taking ownership of deeds

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What exactly are deeds? Deeds are a trail of legal documents that prove a property’s ownership. Each time the ownership of a property changes a new deed of title is drawn up to record the change, adding to a chain of deeds that go back to when the property was first registered with the Property Registration Authority (PRA) – previously known as the Land Registry.

Centralised vs. Decentralised Records Management

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Business records are strategic assets that help organisations execute their business functions and make good decisions. There are two main approaches in which an organisation can take to managing physical records; namely a centralised approach or a decentralised approach. Deciding which approach is the best fit for your organisation is a key decision with strategic implications.

Records management in a hybrid working world

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It is nearly 20 months since the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic. In that time a lot has changed and for many, the working world has changed forever.

Why the time has come for the digital mailroom

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A digital mailroom converts physical and electronic mail into a digital format and securely integrates it with a digital workflow in an efficient manner.

Top 10 Benefits of Document Scanning

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There are many organisations that have processes and functions that are still paper based. Document scanning is the process of converting these physical documents into digital formats. It is the perfect starting point for digital transformation and offers a range of benefits for businesses. Our team have put together a list of the top 10 benefits below:

GDPR Turns Two

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Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. Its aim was to harmonise data protection law in Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy, and to reshape the way organisations approach data privacy.

Cost Comparison: Office Storage versus Offsite Storage

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At present, supply for commercial property in Dublin remains tight. With this is mind we decided to take a look at the current cost of storing records in an office or onsite filing room versus what is would cost to securely store those records with an offsite records management provider, such as Glenbeigh Records Management. Our findings show a huge cost difference between the two options and these are outlined below.

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