The importance of shredding documents

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In the course of business organisations generate records containing numerous types of confidential information including business-critical information and personal information related to various stakeholders. To ensure the integrity of their business and to conform with data protection regulations there is an expectation these organisations take all reasonable steps to ensure that data privacy is protected. Having a systematic approach to records management has therefore become a necessity to protect information and adhere to data retention requirements.

A key feature of any records management program is document shredding. It is the most secure way of disposing of confidential documents that are no longer required as it involves paper being processed through a device that cuts it into tiny strips. These strips are often mixed with other shredded documents, making reconstruction impossible.

Document shredding is important for several reasons which are outlined below:

  • Protection of Information – the privacy of an organisation and its stakeholders is vital. If documents containing confidential information were not disposed of properly, they could end up in the hands of somebody with malicious intentions.
  • Compliance with the Law – under GDPR, organisations may only keep records containing personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was processed. It is therefore important to shred documents containing personal data for which the organisation has no legal basis for retaining.
  • Prevention of Identity Theft – businesses and individuals lose millions every year due to identity theft. It is therefore imperative that documents containing personal data are always secure and shredded properly if no longer required to reduce the risk of identity theft and business fraud.
  • Support of Recycling – paper is recyclable and as such businesses trying to be more environmentally friendly should consider recycling shredded paper. This keeps it out of a landfill and ensures it can be used to create new paper products.
  • Maximisation of Office Space – documents take up valuable space, particularly when cabinets and filing rooms are required to securely store them. Shredding documents that are not needed ensures less space is required to store documents and this space can be put to better use.
  • Eliminating Clutter and Fire Hazards – allowing documents to pile up in the office causes clutter and increases the risk of a fire. Shredding documents that are expendable ensures a clean desk policy can be adhered to.

Glenbeigh Records Management provides an offsite document shredding service. Outsourcing your document shredding requirements ensures confidential documents are destroyed properly, routinely, and verifiably. This service is the preferred solution for organisations that require shredding confidential documents regularly.

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