Data Capture Service

Data capture is the process of identifying and extracting information from scanned documents.

Data capture services provided by Glenbeigh Records Management include automated and manual data capture, designed to help you utilise the data contained within your scanned documents.

We have deployed the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology which recognises printed text inside scanned documents and converts the results into machine readable text data. Key to the success of this automated data capture solution is having high quality scanned documents to work with and our scanning technologies coupled with our wealth of experience in this area ensure these deliverables are provided.

Whether you require the entire data within a scanned document extracted or only specific information we got the solution that will work for you. Typical data capture requirements include:

Requirement Description Example
To create text searchable files
The entire document is processed to create an MS Word or PDF file with text search functionality. Scanned Client File.
To create an index
A particular area of the document is processed and the file is named according to the result. This file name is then manually validated against the scanned image to ensure a high level of accuracy. Scanned Invoice - extracting the invoice number from the scanned document and naming the file according to the invoice number.

We understand the criticality of data and employ the highest data security standards. Evidence of our commitment to adhering to diligent security procedures is provided by our certification with the ISO 27001 Information Management standard.

Our data capture specialists have encountered numerous document types (including delivery dockets, receipts, financial transactions, HR files, medical files, etc.) and have successfully delivered the required data under agreed timelines.

If you would like to find out more about our data capture service, contact us today.

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