Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing boxes?

Yes, for new clients we are willing to take on your existing boxes provided they are of a similar size to our standard archive boxes - 42cm (L) x 33cm (W) x 27cm (H). Then going forward (after the initial collection) we would prefer you to use our standard archive boxes.


How do I request services (collection, delivery, supplies)?

Services can be requested on our online records management portal – RS-Web, (a profile needs to be enabled for your account in advance) or by contacting our operations team via email on


Can I request services over the phone?

No, service requests cannot be made over the phone. They need to be made on our records management portal (RS-Web) or via an authorised email address so that we have an audit trail of all requests.


How quickly can I retrieve my files?

We provide next day, same day, emergency and out-of-office deliveries. Alternatively, we can provide you with an electronic PDF copy of any physical file in storage through our scan-on-demand service.


Can I organise transportation myself using a courier for example?

It is possible provided we are given notice of the delivery or collection date in advance. We prefer however to organise all deliveries and collections for you.


How will I know what files I have in storage?

Our online records management portal, RS-Web, provides clients with real-time online access to all their records information on our RS-SQL database.


How do I get set up with a profile on RS-Web?

Contact our operations team via email on They will create an account on our online portal, RS-Web, and then provide you with a username and password which you will be prompted to change when you log in for the first time.


Is training available for RS-Web and how much is it?

Yes, RS-Web training is available free of charge via screen sharing tutorials and the provision of user manuals. RS-Web training can also be delivered via traditional classroom methods and a fee is agreed in advance which takes into account the location and time requested.


How do I set up authorised users on our account and control their access to your services?

Please fill in the Authorised Users Form (available upon request). We will use these details to update the access settings on your account.


How often will I be invoiced?

We invoice monthly, however if the invoice amount is small we invoice yearly.


Is it possible to receive a separate invoice for various departments within my organisation?

Yes, we can invoice various departments separately. Moreover, by storing your boxes/files by department, you can also determine which employees have access to specific records.


Can I pay for storage in advance?

Yes, our records management system (RS-SQL) can generate pro-forma invoices if required.


What exit fees (permanent removal fees) are applied upon termination of the storage contract?

We do not charge permanent removal fees, therefore our service remains at the highest level. Upon termination of the storage contract we can either deliver the boxes back to you, securely shred boxes that have reached their retention dates or prepare the boxes for collection.

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