Cataloguing Records

The foundation of records management starts with the sound organisation of your files. This is achieved through cataloguing and indexing files according to the archive boxes that they are placed in. Once this has been completed, your files are ready to be stored offsite.

We have a team of cataloguing experts who can be deployed onsite or offsite to audit and catalogue your files. Upon completion you will be provided with a complete inventory of your files which will enable you to efficiently manage them.

Quite often when a document is created it is not assigned a destruction date which can and has led to compliance issues for organisations. From years of providing document management services, we found that a high number of clients did not possess a formal Document Retention Policy, nor did they feel confident in their approach to document destruction.

GRM can help you combat this because when a file is catalogued, our processes also ensure that a destruction date has been assigned to it. The benefit of this is that you are back in control of your documents and you can now be 100% confident in your adherence to your Document Retention Policy and the Data Protection Act.

Benefits of Cataloguing

  • Full inventory of files in storage.
  • Streamline access to important information.
  • Retrieve individual files from storage.
  • Identify files that have reached their destruction date.
  • A full audit trail of file movement.

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Cataloguing Records

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