Deed Storage

Building on our experience in document, media and vault storage, Glenbeigh Records Management (GRM) have developed a solution for solicitors to securely store deeds on behalf of their clients. Deep within our highly secure records management facility is a two-hour fire-rated vault dedicated to storing deeds. This vault is equipped with a fire-rated steel door, an INERGEN IG541 fire suppression system and environmental controls. It is further protected by our facility security which includes the following:

  • Perimeter fencing.
  • Security-controlled electric gate and barrier access.
  • External and internal CCTV.
  • Netwatch - intruder detection system.
  • Electronic keypads (external access points).
  • Access control swipe card system (internal doors).

Solicitors who avail of our deed storage service can choose to view house deeds onsite in one of our viewing rooms at any time, retrieve house deeds via our delivery services, or receive a digital copy of house deeds via our document scanning service.

Benefits of Offsite Deed Storage

  • Security of deeds.
  • Preservation of deeds – temperature-controlled environment.
  • Controlled access of authorised personnel.
  • On-demand retrieval.

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