Vault Storage

To safeguard exceptionally valuable documentation or those requiring special environmental conditions, you need to know you are choosing the safest place for them. Deep within our storage facility we have developed a dedicated area for a number of industry leading document storage vaults. These vaults are ideally designed to store highly confidential material, disaster recovery programs, documents requiring long term preservation, and title deeds. We have a combination of client specific vaults and shared vaults. Clients who chose to avail of a shared vault only pay for the amount of storage space they use.

As standard, each vault is protected by a two hour fire-retardant wall structure and a two-hour fire-retardant solid steel door that is access-controlled. In addition our storage facility, including the area around our vaults, is protected by our state-of-the-art pre-combustion fire detection system called VESDA, which is connected to our control station and monitored 24 hours a day. This system detects fire in the incipient stages - before flames are visible – by detecting the products of pre-combustion in the air around the area about to ignite. An alarm is then automatically triggered in our facility and in our monitoring station.

Securely Store
Remotely Manage
Rapidly Retrieve
Our fire rated vaults offer the highest levels of security and fire protection for your records. Vaults are customisable and vary from shared to client specific.
With our online records management system you can track your inventory, action requests and generate reports on all activity.
A dedicated fleet of vehicles securely equipped for the transportation of records ensure you can gain access to business critical information as and when you need it.

GRM also have a number of vaults equipped with an INERGEN IG541 Fire Suppression System and environmental controls (temperature and humidity). An overview of these features are outlined below:

  • INERGEN IG541 is an inert gas comprising of 50% Nitrogen, 42% Argon & 8% Carbon Dioxide. In the event of a fire, INERGEN is immediately discharged through a piping network into the vault and rapidly extinguishes it by minimising the oxygen concentration until it reaches a level where combustion is no longer supported. Unlike some chemical gaseous fire suppression agents, INERGEN does not, and could never react with a fire to create extremely harmful toxic, or corrosive by-products. Additionally, it leaves no oily residue or deposits on the contents of the vault.
  • Our environmental control system ensures that temperature in our storage vaults is kept between 13 and 20 degrees, while it ensures humidity is kept between 35 and 60 degrees. Both temperature and humidity are recorded on a daily basis and any major variances are investigated immediately.

Whatever your requirements are, we can provide the ideal conditions for your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Benefits of Offsite Vault Storage

  • Multiple levels of security.
  • Enhanced preservation of records – temperature controlled environment.
  • Controlled access of authorised personnel.
  • Enables disaster recovery and business continuity.

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Vault Storage

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