Digital Mailroom Service

Manually handling and distributing physical mail is a time-consuming and inefficient process which can affect how you run your business.

Our digital mailroom service can help you transform your traditional mailroom process. It starts with identifying business critical mail. The information in this mail is then intelligently captured and processed to meets the demands of the business.

How it Works

We set up a PO Box for your mail to be forwarded to. Every morning one of our security-cleared drivers will collect your mail in one of our records management vehicles. When the mail is brought back to our highly secure digitisation centre it is sorted and prepped for digital capture by our scanning experts. It is then processed through our scanning infrastructure which captures high quality digital images of the mail, ensuring optimum results and clarity.

Upon completion of the digitising process, your scanned images will be indexed to facilitate future retrieval. The images are then processed through our optical character recognition (OCR) software which reads and recognises each typed word to allow full text retrieval. The completed data is sent to you using our cloud portal within the agreed timeframe or is integrated into your chosen platform to assist your business processes, for example the automation of application forms, contracts, and claim forms etc.

The process is completed by returning your physical mail to you. Alternatively, we can provide you with document storage within our highly secure records storage facility or certified shredding if required.

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom Service

  • Reduce the costs associated with processing mail.
  • Eliminate the security risks physical mail is exposed to.
  • Efficiently search for relevant information.
  • Easily share mail with colleagues.
  • Increase the traceability of mail.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Maximise existing office space.

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Digital Mailroom Service

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