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Glenbeigh Records Management have nearly 20 years of experience operating a full-service document scanning service bureau which is located within our state-of-the-art records centre in Dublin 15. This sophisticated document scanning bureau uses a complex combination of cutting-edge hardware and software, combined with the most up-to-date scanning procedures, and meticulous attention to detail, in order to scan paper records of all sizes and convert them to digital formats.

How it Works

Nationwide Collection

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles are equipped for the pick-up and secure transportation of your physical files to our highly secure records management facility in Dublin 15.

Scanning Process

As soon as we receive your documents, the stringent document process begins. All documents are prepped for digital conversion by our prepping experts. Once prepped, our scanning specialists will carefully scan and convert your records, ensuring optimum results and clarity. Scanned images can be created in B/W, Colour or Greyscale up to 400dpi, outputted in numerous formats including PDF, TIFF or JPEG and organised in your preferred folder layout structure.


Upon completion of the digitising process, your scanned images will be indexed using your chosen naming convention to facilitate future retrieval. This can be done manually by our team or automatically by matching barcoded coversheets with indexed data.

Data Capture

The scanned images are processed through our optical character recognition (OCR) software which reads and recognises each typed word to enable text search functionality.

Data Delivery

The scanned records can be transferred to you securely via our cloud portal or uploaded to your chosen document management software. Alternatively, the data can be returned to you on an encrypted hard-drive.

The digitisation process is completed by returning your source documents to you. Alternatively, we can provide you with document storage within our highly secure records storage facility or certified shredding if required.

All our processes and procedures are covered under our certifications with the globally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard for our Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2013 standard for our Information Security Management System (ISMS). They are also GDPR compliant.


Types of Document Scanning

Our experience ranges from, but is not exclusive to;

  • medical record scanning
  • HR file scanning
  • legal file scanning
  • invoice scanning
  • delivery note scanning
  • form scanning
  • examination script scanning
  • historical document scanning

Other types of documents include live files, client files, project files, and correspondence files.


Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Cost savings through digital storage and electronic transfer
  • Time savings through the elimination of filing, retrieving and re-filing
  • Instant access to key information
  • Controlled access of authorised personnel
  • Multiple viewers at once
  • Enables disaster recovery
  • Compliance with legislation


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Document Scanning Service (A3-A8)


Case Studies

Enabling access to key information
Putting in place a digital repository
Creating digital access to membership forms

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