Microfilm Scanning

For decades microfilm was used to archive information safely. However in recent years it has become an inefficient process to view and print information that is stored on microfilm as specialist readers and printers are required. This equipment is not only time consuming to utilise but it is expensive to purchase and service.

Our microfilm scanning service enables organisations to efficiently utilise images that are currently scanned onto microfilm rolls. At the start of the scanning process we will inspect the microfilm for damage that might affect image quality and the (optional) OCR accuracy, as well as for any discrepancies which might affect the scanning process. Discrepancies include actual reel information that differs from that recorded on the outside microfilm reel box (date, etc). As part of our initial setup, we will establish individual scanning settings, i.e. contrast and brightness, for individual images. This will ensure that scanned images are created to the highest image quality.

After your microfilm has been prepared for scanning, it will be scanned by our high resolution scanners. We have deployed SunRise 3-in-1 Microfilm Scanners which provide the entire image processing capabilities needed to output images that duplicate the appearance of the original page scanned. Image formats outputted by the SunRise 3-in-1 include PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.

All microfilm will be scanned in a manner which ensures that all of the details on the original image are recorded. The scanning operator will view each scanned image to ensure that the image quality and image positioning are correct, and any images which are not up to standard will be rescanned.

After scanning and quality control, we can process each image through our highly accurate OCR (optical character recognition) software, which reads and recognises each typed word and character to allow full text retrieval.

Benefits of Microfilm Scanning

  • Practicality - information in digital formats is more accessible today.
  • Preserve - protection against fire, moisture or a natural disaster.
  • Save Space - compress libraries into small digital files.
  • Multiple Users at Once - distribute and collaborate efficiently online.
  • Republication - create a digital copy for printing.

The following benefits can be realised after the scanned images are processed through optical character recognition (OCR) software:

  • Searchability - instant access to key information.
  • Editability - update the text.

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Microfilm Scanning Service

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