Apart from the daily challenges of providing an expert level of care to patients, healthcare organisations and practitioners throughout Ireland are faced with the growing challenges associated with compliance, protecting patient data and reducing their cost base. What all these challenges have in common is that they share the same solution, which is an efficient records management solution.

Most would question how a records management solution would affect the level of care a patient receives, but for a patient to be provided with an expert level of care their healthcare professional needs to access that patient’s data, whether it is in physical or electronic form, whenever they require it.

Glenbeigh Records Management has gained a wealth of experience in providing records management solutions to healthcare organisations throughout Ireland. We are committed to ensuring that these healthcare organisations and practitioners are fully equipped to manage the growing records management challenges within the sector.

Our solution enables them to secure patient records, streamline access to patient records, comply with retention and destruction legislation, and reduce the costs associated with storage space and managing records. This solution also enables them to develop electronic patient records, which when combined with their physical records results in a fully integrated patient records database.

While healthcare providers may be hindered by limited resources and growing regulatory requirements, Glenbeigh Records Management’s experience of designing and implementing records management solutions will result in a simplified adoption process.

Solutions for Healthcare

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