Organisations within the insurance sector hold a variety of business-critical documentation including policyholder files and case documents. When they want to enhance their file organisation and traceability, improve security and accessibility, and achieve compliance, they look to implement a records management solution.

Glenbeigh Records Management has been the preferred records management partner to a number of insurance providers and brokers aiming to gain better control of their records. Our cost-effective records management solution works with existing structures for organising records, which streamlines the adoption process. Should a structure be unavailable we can advise on and even assist in forming one.

The benefits of our solution are realised when all the records are moved to secure offsite storage where access to them is controlled to authorised personnel, they are available for rapid retrieval on demand, and they can be destroyed when their retention date is reached. This move frees up office space which can now be utilised more efficiently. It also results in reduced storage and information management costs.

A key business function of insurance organisations is the processing of claim forms and our digital transformation solutions are assisting in this regard. We offer a digital mailroom service which involves mail being collected from a dedicated PO box every morning for scanning offsite and electronic delivery in an agreed digital format. For insurance organisations this means they can direct claim forms to a specific PO Box and our team will process them within an agreed timeframe. Other business functions have availed of our bulk document scanning service in their endeavours to bring their physical records into the digital world.

Solutions for Insurance

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