While organisations within the legal sector will be complying with retention regulations by implementing a records management solution, they are equally concerned with the value a records management solution will create for them. This value refers to the combination of knowing exactly what information is available and the time saved in accessing it. 

Glenbeigh Records Management has over a decade of experience in maximising the value of legal records. A critical element in creating this value is the cataloguing of records for storage. This refers to documenting details of each file which can be viewed on the clients account online for ease-of-access in the future.

While this solution with undoubtedly speed up the retrieval process for authorised personnel it will also ensure that records are secure, their integrity is maintained and they are compliant with regulations.

The value of these records can also be enhanced with the introduction of electronic records. By digitising their records solicitors’ can gain immediate access to their files online. After scanning and quality control, documents are processed through our highly accurate OCR (optical character recognition) software, which reads and recognises each typed word and character to allow full text retrieval. Coding is then carried out on each document. This involves the manual recording of identifying information on individual documents for ease-of-access in the future. When this process is complete legal professionals can significantly reduce the amount of time required to review documentation.

The combination of our customised processes, staff resources and advanced technology ensures that legal professionals consistently avail of the high standards they have come to expect from us, therefore allowing them to focus on their top priority – their clients.

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