Intellectual property and quality assurance are just some of the business critical records pharmaceutical companies need to protect in order to abide by international legislation and secure their future.

Glenbeigh Records Management has gained considerable experience implementing records management solutions in global pharmaceutical organisations. We pride ourselves on understanding the records management challenges within the pharmaceutical sector. While understanding the current needs we are also looking ahead and planning for future challenges.

Pharmaceutical organisations that partner with Glenbeigh avail of cost effective customisable solutions that make their records secure, accessible, and compliant with quality management standards and destruction legislation. Implementing our records management solutions also results in freed up office space due to offsite document and media storage as well as authorised access controls through online records management.

Glenbeigh has assisted numerous pharmaceutical organisations make the transition from physical to electronic records management. This is achieved through our digitising services and results in 27/4 controlled access to records online.

While understanding that there will be numerous flows of information within pharmaceutical organisations, we customise our solutions to fit into these flows of information which results in a simplified adoption process.

Solutions for Pharma

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