Public Sector

Public service organisations face the same records management challenges as private sector organisations, the only difference being the enormous amount of information they generate. With limited resources and increasing expectations these organisations seek cost effective records management solutions that are secure, efficient and scalable.

Glenbeigh Records Management have achieved efficiencies for numerous public service organisations by first gaining an understanding of their workflows and then designing a customised records management solution that encompasses a structured adoption process. By utilising a single vendor for particular business functions these organisations can quickly gain control of the huge amount of information they possess. 

With this practical solution these organisations are assured that their records are secure, accessible through controlled authorisation, and are compliant with legislation. Efficiencies are then achieved through the maximisation of office space and increased productivity due to less time spent searching for particular information.

In a pursuit to achieve greater efficiencies and control for these organisations Glenbeigh Records Management have developed electronic records management solutions. These solutions include advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software, and a cloud solution for backing up records online. The combination of physical records and electronic records will result in a fully integrated records management database. Efficiencies are then achieved through instance access and identification of the information required.

Solutions for Public Sector

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