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Confidential information is one of the most important assets of your organisation. The impact of this information falling into the wrong hands would be disastrous for your reputation, competitiveness and trust.

Glenbeigh Records Management has established a confidential paper shredding service in order to assist organisations in managing confidential documents that are no longer required. GRM schedule shredding collections which can be tailored to meet your requirements, whether it's a once-off, daily, weekly, monthly, or on an ad hoc basis. We have a number of lockable wheelie bins and lockable wooden consoles which can be placed in your offices for securely storing your to-be-shredded documents in between destruction visits.

Yellow Shredding Bags

Perfect for existing bins or for doing an office clear out

Lockable Shredding Console

Suitable for office environments requiring regular collections

Lockable Shredding Wheelie Bins

Ideal for a warehouse environment or for doing a large clear out

Our fully uniformed, security cleared drivers will collect your to-be-shredded documents in sealable bags or lockable wheelie bins and transport them for shredding at our facility. We manage the entire shredding collection process and carry it out using our own secure vehicles.

This service ensures that the shredding of your documents is carried out offsite in compliance with the EN 15713:2009 standard for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material. Upon completion of the shredding, a 'Certificate of Destruction' will be supplied. The shredded paper is then securely recycled into new paper products.

NWCPO Permit Number: NWCPO-01-00514-03

Benefits of an Offsite Shredding Service

  • Reduce the risk of information leaks
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft
  • Reduce the risk of recovery
  • Maximise office space
  • Protect the environment
  • Increase employee productivity

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Document Shredding

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