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Glenbeigh Records Management operate one of the largest and best-equipped scanning bureaus in Ireland. Choose a suitable option from our scanning packages below to get your project started.

Standard Package
Enterprise Package

Scanning of 2 standard bankers' boxes* of A3-A6 documents

Designed for greater volumes, tailored processes, and varying output requirements.

Turnaround Time: 1-10 business days*

✅ Supplies delivered to your office (2 barcoded archive boxes, 2 box security seals, and 200 file/folder barcodes)

✅ Guide and template provided for barcoding each separate A4 file and recording the file descriptions for indexing*

✅ Secure collection of 2 sealed archive boxes

✅ Scanning of A4 documents within each file to create a PDF file of scanned images (in colour and at 200dpi)

✅ Processing of each PDF file through OCR software to create a text-searchable PDF file (typed text only)

✅ Indexing of up to 200 PDF files (as per file barcode numbers and file descriptions provided by the client)

✅ Electronic delivery of completed PDF files using a secure file transfer portal

✅ Secure return of the boxes of documents upon completion
€475.00 incl. VAT
Bulk Volume Discounts Available

Please Note:

  1. A copy of our T&C's which incorporates our data processing agreement will be issued for signing prior to scanning. Orders not signed for will be refunded.
  2. The dimensions of our standard bankers' box are as follows: 33cm (W) x 41cm (D) x 26.5cm (H).
  3. Turnaround time commences from the date of collection or signing of the agreement, whichever occurs latest.
  4. If the files are not distinguished using the file barcodes supplied, then all A3-A4 documents within the box are scanned as one PDF file.

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