Quickly responding to requests for information by students, employees and other stakeholders is just one of the challenges education providers face when managing records. Providing secure storage and adhering to record retention schedules are critically important too. To meet these and other records management challenges head on, education providers look to adopt a streamlined records management solution that protects and efficiently manages records, ensures compliance and drives down their cost base.

Glenbeigh Records Management is significantly experienced in helping education providers overcome their records management challenges with our cost-effective records management solution. To integrate this solution with these organisations we first look at their existing records management processes and then recommend suitable options for the structured adoption of our records management solution.

Once set up and operational education providers begin to realise the full benefits our records management solution including reduced storage costs, rapid access on demand, compliance with legislation, and peace of mind knowing that their records are secure and accessible only to authorised personnel. They also save valuable space onsite. This is particularly true for education providers with onsite libraries that are short on space and who chose to utilise our records management solution to incorporate library material.

To provide greater access to records and library resources to greater student numbers, education providers deploy our digital transformation solutions. Having invested significantly in leading document and book scanning technology our inhouse scanning bureau is capable of creating digital repositories of records and books which can be viewed by multiple users at once.

Solutions for Education

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