Financial Services

Complying with new regulations and protecting clients’ data has shaped how organisations within the financial services sector operate in recent years. Added to these pressures is increasing market competition and the need to respond quickly to requests for information from clients’, auditors and regulators. To stay ahead these financial organisations seek a streamlined records management solution that cuts out unnecessary processes, mitigates risk and reduces cost. 

Glenbeigh Records Management has transformed how numerous financial organisations throughout Ireland approach records management. By studying existing workflows within these organisations we are able to design processes that simplify the management of records. These customised processes are also designed to fast track the adoption of a records management solution and we offer training to assist these organisations in implementing this streamlined records management solution. We can even deploy members of our expert team to speed up the process.

Our solution also enables these organisations to develop electronic records. Technological innovation which encompasses advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software and a cloud solution for backing up records online allow us to customise an electronic records management solution that suits clients’ individual needs. A fully integrated records database can then be achieved by combining both physical and electronic records.

Solutions for Financial Services

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