As soon as a product is conceptualised it starts creating records from research papers to prototyping documents and sometimes intellectual property. When the product is developed records such as quality assurance documents and product manuals are created. In fact a product’s entire lifecycle is documented from production to sale and then customer support. On top of all these records, business critical assets such as financial records need to be securely stored.

Glenbeigh Records Management are the trusted records management partner of numerous organisations within the manufacturing sector throughout Ireland. Our dedicated team and proven best practices have empowered these organisations to take control of all their records.

Our cost effective solutions, which can be customised to meet manufacturing workflows, ensure that records are securely stored, easily accessible and compliant with legislation. While office space is maximised through offsite storage, productivity is increased through streamlined access.

With the introduction of our digital services these organisations can gain even greater control of their records through electronic records management. Our electronic records management solution includes advanced document and book scanning technology, document management software, and cloud storage for backing up records online. With this solution these organisations can gain instant authorised access to the right information and when coupled with their physical records results in a fully integrated records management database.

Solutions for Manufacturing

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