Access to information is critical to the operation of a successful business, and there are many times when you need access to your offsite documents immediately. Often companies with large operations in multiple locations need access to the same documents at the same time. To facilitate these situations we offer a scan-on-demand service by combining our document storage and scanning services.

As soon as a request is made for an electronic copy of your documents in storage, they are picked from their unique warehouse locations and the document conversion process begins. All documents are prepped for digital conversion by our scanning experts. Once prepped, the documents are scanned by one of our top of the range document scanners, ensuring optimum results and clarity.

Upon completion of the digitising process, your scanned images will be indexed to facilitate future retrieval. When your digital files have been indexed, they can be transferred to you securely via encrypted email, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), or uploaded to a cloud based document management. The digitisation process is completed by returning your documents to our storage facility.

Benefits of Scanning-on-Demand

  • Cost effective alternative to physical file delivery.
  • Enables records to be available anytime, anywhere via secure web access.
  • Creation of a central environment where numerous colleagues can rapidly retrieve records.

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