Digital Mailroom Service

Mail is a critical element of every business. Businesses large and small, organise and distribute their mail manually, a process that wastes valuable time and valuable resources. It also raises security concerns as mail can be lost or accessed by unauthorised personnel. This is especially true when the mail is photocopied and distributed to a number of colleagues. Then when the mail is stored away it runs the risk of losing traceability. Again, time and resources will be wasted looking for this mail and all other correspondence in the future.

Our digital mailroom service is transforming the tradition mailroom process as it looks at creating digital images at the start of the document lifecycle within an organisation, rather than at the end. 

We set up a PO Box for your mail to be transferred to. Every morning one of our fully uniformed, Garda-cleared specialists will collect your mail in one of our secure vehicles. When the mail is brought back to our secure facility it is prepped for digital capture by our scanning experts. Once prepped, our scanning infrastructure captures high quality digital images of the mail, ensuring optimum results and clarity.

Upon completion of the digitising process, your scanned images will be indexed to facilitate future retrieval. When your files have been indexed, they can transferred to you securely via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), returned to you via an encrypted hard-drive, or indeed uploaded to a cloud based document management or workflow software.

The digitisation process is completed by returning your source documents to you. Alternatively, we can provide you with document storage within our highly secure records storage facility.

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom Service

  • Reduce the costs associated with process mail.
  • Eliminate the security risks physical mail is exposed to.
  • Efficiently search for relevant information.
  • Easily share mail with colleagues.
  • Increase the traceability of mail.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Maximise existing office space.

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Digital Mailroom Service

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