Top 10 Benefits of Document Scanning

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There are many organisations that have processes and functions that are still paper based. Document scanning is the process of converting these physical documents into digital formats. It is the perfect starting point for digital transformation and offers a range of benefits for businesses. Our team have put together a list of the top 10 benefits below:

  • Save Time

Even in the most efficient physical document storage facility it takes time to search for particular documents. By digitising your documents, you can find and view specific documents quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, all text can be converted to a searchable format.

  • Save Storage Space

As a computer server can store millions of files it’s quick to see how it can save storage space. Once a document is scanned the physical file can be shredded or moved to a secure offsite records storage facility. If a copy of a particular document is required it can be printed within seconds, while if the original document is required is can be retrieved from the storage facility.

  • Reduce Costs

Storing digitised documents is cost effective compared to storing physical documents. Organisations will also save processing costs as they will no longer have to pay employees to retrieve or refile a physical file.

  • Collaborate Efficiently

Photocopying and printing documents are time consuming and costly processes. By digitising these documents, multiple users can view the same document on their computer at the same time.

  • Enables Disaster Recovery

A core element of a business continuity plan is a digital backup of documents. This enables a full recovery of all documents if disaster strikes.

  • Recovering Lost Information

During the scanning process files that were refiled incorrectly will reappear and they can be filed correctly.

  • Maintains Quality of Original Document

Through general use documents can become torn, faded or brittle. Scanning these files will capture the original quality which, through digital use, will not degrade.

  • Elimination of Re-filing

Refiling is the process of returning a file to its original location. As digitised documents are not removed from a document management system, only viewed and downloaded by authorised users, refiling is eliminated and therefore documents can never be misplaced.

  • Increase Security & Control Access

Scanned images can be securely stored in a document management system, with secure login access. A full electronic audit trail can be provided, showing a detailed user access history.

  • Search-ability

Once documents have been scanned, they can be indexed so that they can be easily retrieved in the future. All text within the documents can also be converted to a searchable format.


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