What is document scanning?

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Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents into digital files using document scanners. There are two main types of document scanners, flatbed scanners and sheet-fed scanners. Most modern office scanners are sheet-fed and they typically produce scanned images in PDF format which are sent to a folder on a connected PC.

There are many reasons an organisation would scan documents including to improve access to their information, to collaborate with stakeholders efficiently, and to reduce storage costs. A full list of benefits is outlined in our blog post Top 10 Benefits of Document Scanning.

Inhouse vs Outsourcing Document Scanning

Document scanning in-house is most suitable for small, ad hoc requirements. Regular incoming or existing documents require more resources to scan than just an office scanner. These document scanning projects require high-volume scanners and document capture software; office space needs to be dedicated to scanning workstations, staff need to be trained; the documents need to be organised and prepped; and valuable staff time needs to be allocated for scanning.

Outsourcing your document scanning projects to a specialist scanning company, with the technology and expertise at hand, is therefore cost-effective and time saving. These companies manage the entire process and can even output higher quality deliverables. This allows your team to focus on activities linked to their core competencies that would likely bring more value to your business.

Considerations when Selecting a Document Scanning Company

Selecting a document scanning provider is the first step in outsourcing your scanning project. Outlined below is a list of things to consider when assessing providers:

  • Technology – they have the hardware and software required to scan all sizes of documents and deliver the digital outputs specified.
  • Experience – they can demonstrate the team proposed has successfully undertaken similar project work.
  • Capacity – they have the storage space, hardware and software, and staffing resources available to handle large volumes of documents promptly.
  • Project Planning – they can develop a tailored step-by-step process for your project and estimate an accurate turnaround time.
  • Technical Expertise – they have staff knowledgeable in using the software programs required to process the scanned documents. This includes software for removing blank images, rotating images, reducing file sizes, and optical character recognition (OCR) software for making the scanned documents text searchable.
  • Quality Control – they have procedures and team in place to check the scanned output and indexing. Certification to the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management standard is recommended as this involves yearly external audits to ensure procedures are adhered to.
  • Security – they have procedures in place to ensure the data is protected at each step of the process. Certification to the ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management standard is recommended as this involves yearly external audits to ensure procedures are adhered to.
  • Flexibility – they can facilitate different file types, outputs, naming conventions and delivery requirements. Delivery requirements could include providing a secure file transfer platform, uploading into existing systems, or securely delivering via an encrypted USB.

Glenbeigh Records Management is an ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited document scanning company with over two decades years of experience. We have invested in the latest technology and have the resources in place to undertake many complex and time-sensitive projects with agreed project plans and guaranteed high-quality deliverables.

To learn more about our document scanning service click here or to speak to a team member about a project you have in mind call 018227161.

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